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Individual & Small Group Classes for Children and Adults taught by highly-qualified native English speakers.

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What you get

What you receive in a fully inclusive package:

  • Full access to an online personal learning account
  • No need to purchase books or study materials
  • Fully interactive learning environment on Classin
  • Access to our ebook library
  • Student preview, study and review materials supplied
  • Regular teacher for the entire course (+ backup for teacher holidays)
  • British or American accents
  • Free playback and review video for each lesson
  • Regular scheduled student evaluation and feedback
  • Spark Club membership, which includes 4 additional extra curricular lessons
  • Virtual reality cultural excursions to interesting places around the globe
  • STEAM Learning Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths

Customer Testimonials

Who we are

Sparkfish was founded by a select group of teachers from all over the world with the common goal to create a truly unique and effective method of delivering the best Online English classes and courses available.

Our teachers bring a wealth of experience and expertise, not just in delivering online classes, but also working face to face in traditional schools and writing innovative, effective and interactive course materials and curricula.

Sparkfish courses and curricula incorporate the most effective methodology for teaching English, based on scientific evidence and research and years of real teaching experience.

We believe that students need to be encouraged to succeed, developing confidence in their ability to master the English language. Our teachers adapt and tailor each lesson to suit individual needs and abilities.