Why Cambridge / IELTS

IELTS is recognised around the world and brings many work and higher level study (University) opportunities.

Cambridge English Qualifications are accepted by over 25,000 leading organisations around the world including KPMG, and Microsoft and top universities such as Harvard University and The University of Oxford.  

Young Learners

  • At Sparkfish, our young learner specialists offer motivating and engaging Cambridge Exam Preparation courses.

  • Using genuine materials and ample practice in the exam techniques needed, we equip children with the confidence and skills required to ensure success!

Young Learner Courses

Teens and Adults

Why study a Cambridge Exam Preparation course with Sparkfish?

  • Our teachers have proven track records in enabling students to succeed at all levels of the Cambridge Exams:
    • KEY A2, Preliminary B1, First B2, Advanced C1 and Proficiency C2

  • Receive extensive tutoring and practice in all components of the exams: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Use of English, and Writing.

  • We offer:  engaging topic based materials, vocabulary lists, grammar support, and many opportunities to perfect exam techniques using genuine past papers.

  • Our constructive task specific feedback using Cambridge assessment criteria will motivate you to succeed.

  • Sparkfish teachers advise you when you are ready to take your chosen exam and  will encourage and support you to succeed.