Programme & Methodology

Learning through an immersion environment with qualified and experienced native English language teachers.


We measure student talk time. The teacher will encourage increased student talk time in each class during customised guided lessons.


Lessons incorporate phonics, grammar, and vocabulary into practical topics of discussion that are relevant to real life issues.


Sparkfish children show significant improvement of listening skills through unique discussion, music, videos, storytelling and debate activities.


Dynamic British and American based curriculum and texts that spark imagination and expand real world knowledge.


Engaging interactive lessons go beyond the text, through games, writing activities and movement that transforms learning into fun.

WHY our Methodology works???

The Sparkfish Method


  • Lessons are tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Course content incorporates all learning styles and TPR (Total Physical Response) is used as an essential tool with beginners to facilitate vocabulary and language learning.
  • Our children and young learners’ courses are further enhanced with engaging activities and topics relevant to their everyday lives.
  • Develops students holistically in both cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of learning.
  • We have a value-based approach to education to develop students to be responsible citizens locally and globally.

The Sparkfish Method


  • Our courses consist of 30 lessons per level.
  • Regular, structured evaluation and assessment points throughout the course.
  • At the start of each course, all students’ level of English will be assessed to ensure they are placed appropriately in the optimum course to maximize their progress. 
  • Class duration is 25 or 50 minutes and can be in 1v1, 1v2 or small groups, fostering developement of general conversation skills and enahancing fluency.

Beginner-Level 2

Intermediate-Level 4

Advanced-Level 8

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Our Curricula

  • OUP (Oxford University Press)
  • Reach Higher National Geographic
  • Classic Reading Course